Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake with Cornmeal Crumble Crust

This week's recipe for Sweet Melissa Sundays was chosen by Eliana of A Chica Bakes. I have to admit there are several recipes in the book that I am a little wary of, but I always end up loving them. While I love cheesecake, the idea of a cornmeal crust didn't sound very appealing.

Aside from being a little time consuming, the recipe is relatively easy to make. I really like the addition of the lemon zest/juice. I am generally not a huge fan of flavored cheesecakes, but the lemon was very subtle. I knew I was going to at least like the cheesecake part when I tasted the batter- so creamy!

I brought the cheesecake over to my parents' house last night and everyone loved it. Very creamy and not dry or gummy as some recipes can turn out to be. My dad kind of had a funny look on his face when he took the first bite and then he asked what the crust was made of. Oh no... I told him it was cornmeal and he said that was what he thought. But surprise, surprise, he loved it! He thought the traditional graham cracker crust would have overpowered the lemon, which I tend to agree with. My husband on the other hand, said he really liked it, but prefers the traditional crust. The only thing I had an issue with was the blueberry sauce. It was a little runnier than what I expected but still delicious.

Thanks Eliana for picking an awesome recipe this week! If you would like the recipe, you can find it on her blog.


Sarah said...

Your cheesecake looks heavenly! I didn't exactly adhere to this week's recipe, but I plan on trying out the recipe as written sometime soon.

Lauren said...

my sauce was a bit runny too. it looks fantastic on the slice though!

Cristine said...

Your picture is mouthwatering! Great job!

Eliana said...

Your cheesecake looks super yummy. Thanks for baking along with me.

The Bahens said...

When I clicked on your link from the SMS blogroll, I had to do a double-take. Your pictures and my pictures look like they are completely interchangeable! I should have saved myself some time and just cut and pasted yours into my post!!

karen said...

Your cheesecake looks great!

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